4 Work Package 4: Communication of uncertainty, dissemination of project results and capacity building

4.1 Fishdocker

supervisor_account Ibrahim Umar (IMR)

calendar_today 2018-10-03

A collection of Dockerfile, or the recipe to create images that will be used inside a container (e.g., REDUS framework and portable Rstox images). This collection is an important element of the REDUS Assessment Frameowrk.

License: LGPL3

URL (software): https://github.com/REDUS-IMR/fishdocker

Keywords: docker, podman, container, Rstox, REDUS

4.2 REDUS Framework app

supervisor_account Ibrahim Umar (IMR)

calendar_today 2019-06-17

This repository contains the cloud-based REDUS framework’s backend and frontend systems.

The frontend provides user with the framework’s runtime configuration and control, as well as a set of “live” panels that connect directly into the framework’s docker machine. The current available panels are the file manager, console terminal, and log viewers. The frontend system uses Vue.js, Bootstrap + Vue, and axios HTTP client.

The backend system responsible for generating runtime configurations for the framework, creating docker machines and starting them, and providing http/websocket proxy tunnels to make file manager, console terminal, and log viewers available to the users. The backend system utilizes NodeJS, Docker, and Docker Machine.

License: LGPL3

URL (software): https://github.com/REDUS-IMR/redus-framework

Keywords: redus, framework, assessment, taf, nodejs, html, docker, podman, gui, frontend, backend


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4.3 REDUStools

supervisor_account Ibrahim Umar (IMR)

calendar_today 2018-12-03

REDUStools is an R package (source) that can periodically process all the available IMR survey time series and store the results in file-backed database in the server. REDUStools also provides APIs for getting the survey time series results and gives users two sets of front-ends to explore the stored results. This package is the important piece of code for the REDUS Assessment Framework.

License: LGPL3

URL (software): https://github.com/REDUS-IMR/REDUStools

Keywords: REDUS, API, RstoX, estimates, survey, processing, R, covariance


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4.4 SAM-course

supervisor_account Olav Nikolai Breivik, Sindre Vatnahol and Knut Korsbrekke

calendar_today 2019-10-01

SAM-course held at IMR

URL (software): https://github.com/OlavNikolaiBreivik/AssassmentCourse

4.5 TMB courses

supervisor_account Hans Julius Skaug (UIB/HI), Olav Nikolai Breivik (NR) and Jens Christian Wahl

calendar_today 2018-04-30

TMB course held at IMR

URL (software): https://github.com/skaug/tmb-case-studies